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Does Your Communication Plan Promote Interactive Listening and Innovation?

The promise of the new Beatles-inspired video game, Rock Band, is that it will transform the way we listen to music through interactive listening and participation. Writing in the The NY Times Magazine last week, Daniel Radosh said that the promise of “interactive music” is that listeners (participants) will be able to add their own […] Read more

Sharepoint Strategy That Delivers Leadership Transparency

I’d like to stress the importance of a communicator’s understanding and participation in what’s going on outside the corporate firewalls as a vital aspect to succeeding internally with Sharepoint’s panoply of social media tools. Beyond the configuration and intranet governance issues that must go in to a proper Sharepoint deployment, let’s not forget that something […] Read more

Weigh In: Should corporate communicators (internal and/or external) be using social media tools in their response to the swine flu?

Join In:  Should corporate communicators be using social media tools in their response to the swine flu —  if so, which ones, and how? Are they appropriate for internal as well as external (PR) communications? Which are best practice for this crisis, and for crisis communication in general? Please share your thoughts and comments — […] Read more

CEOs Using Twitter: Restoring Trust Through Two-Way Communication

When thinking about the value of micro-blogging applications for CEOs it seems to me that the use of Twitter (or Yammer, the micro-blogging service for internal corporate applications) for a CEO or anyone else in the corporate space becomes an issue of engagement, culture and two-way communication. I believe two-way communication, by definition, is an […] Read more

CEOs Using Twitter: Zappos CEO Gives Cogent Argument For Company Use of Twitter

Looks like someone in the corporate space truly understands the value of two-way communication and direct, uncluttered and unfiltered messaging. Great post from the Zappos CEO about how he uses Twitter to get traction with the values embodied by his company. You can read the full post here: Here’s a snippet: “I’ve talked a […] Read more

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